About Us

Rogue Fencing Melbourne is a social fencing group with a strong emphasis on inclusion and community. We welcome fencers of all skill levels, experience or fitness to come bout with us.

We offer a space in which all are welcome and in which a genuinely lived code of conduct means everyone feels a valued part of the club.

Rogue Fencing is strictly non-profit and affordably priced for ongoing or casual fencers. Any money we make from booking fees, fundraising and merchandise are put back into the club for scoring gear, insurance, more options on training spaces, and other initiatives to help our club grow and promote the sport of fencing.

If you’re looking for some additional bouting during the week, have lapsed from fencing for a while, want a runaround, or extra bouts before a comp, we’re there as a fun and accessible option.

So, who are you guys?

Rogue 1: Robert Fais

Robert has been fencing since his woodwork teacher started a school fencing club when Robert was 12. Thirty-five years later, it is still the only sport he can do. He has been fortunate enough to fence for Oxford University and be coached by former masters from both the British and the French Olympic teams – there was never any danger he could join either squad. His real fencing claim to fame is to have been a regular sparring partner of Bruce Dickinson (a humbling experience), and to have been able to call the late Bill Hobbs – fight choreographer of The Duellists, The Three Musketeers, Count of Monte Cristo and Rob Roy – a fencing partner, friend and mentor. Robert is a lawyer by trade, a keen scuba diver and an enthusiastic but untalented mountain biker. He has always dreamt of starting a friendly fencing club.

  • President Rogue Fencing Melbourne
  • Working With Children Check

Rogue 2: Tuulia Ijas

Tuulia is a rookie in fencing with just a couple of years of fencing under her belt. She has always been keen on sports and has played ice-hockey and badminton with none other than the Men’s World Champion in javelin. She participated in every sport available in the small town in Finland where she grew up. During her university years she decided that the best way to finance skiing was to work as a ski instructor to get free accommodation and ski passes. After moving to Australia, winter sports were replaced with mountain biking and hiking. Tuulia finances sport working as ‘beer engineer’ for Australia’s largest brewing company. She believes that sports should be available to all equally, and in a fun and supportive environment where everyone can be their authentic self.

  • Treasurer Rogue Fencing Melbourne
  • First Aid and COVID-19 Safe Officer
  • Working With Children Check
  • Fencing Victoria Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Rogue 3: Rebecca Stewart

Rebecca was inspired to fence by her dad and her uncle, who both trained at Melbourne’s Excalibur Club in the 1950s. She started fencing at age 13 at the Sala Bella Vista Club with the legendary John Fethers. It was another 22 years before she was ready to return to the sport, and now as a veteran she has fenced at state, national and international competitions. Rebecca has had an eclectic career in 2D animation, publishing and communications, and these days combines all her skills as a commercial illustrator. In her spare time she enjoys working on her fencing art and her zines. While living in Italy a few years ago she fenced at Club Scherma Torino, where she learnt that following a bout with aperitivo and fun times with club mates is a great improvement to the sport!

  • Secretary Rogue Fencing Melbourne
  • Member Protection Officer
  • Working With Children Check