Code of Conduct

Rogue Fencing Melbourne is a fun, supportive, social sports environment. In doing the sport we love, we see the following values as essential:

  • We are kind, and our ethos precludes intimidating or bullying tactics at any level;
  • We help each other to improve;
  • We are positive about what we’re doing;
  • We check in with each other regularly;
  • We support each person’s own goals in fencing; and
  • Our environment is non-judgmental – we understand that people fence for different reasons, and we foster a people-focused and supportive environment.

Why the Code of Conduct? We ask all fencers to abide by our code of conduct. For us, fencing is much more than just scoring points off each other and dominating the piste. We believe fencing goes well beyond just physical fitness: it is essential to our mental health. We truly value a sporting environment that’s friendly, non-judgmental and fun.

Living this code and its values are conditions of attendance at Rogue Fencing Melbourne.

Code of Conduct

  • We are kind, courteous and fair, always. We do not tolerate chest-beating, mocking, intimidation, or injuring smaller or less experienced fencers;
  • Honour system:
    • With only one scoring unit at this stage, fencers must be willing to use the honour system of fencing and play;
    • If there’s a disputed point, we’re fair to each other and give zero or double points as agreed by the participants of that bout;
  • We help each other, are supportive, and positive about what we’re doing;
  • We do not judge: people fence for different reasons, and we foster a people-focused, safe and supportive environment so that they may do so.